There's more to packaging than just the package.

The support services that allow for easy ordering, on-time delivery, and product distribution are a vital part of a good packaging supplier. We are pleased to offer an array of services to round out our customers' quality experiences with Mall City Containers. Our support personnel routinely go the extra mile to round out the positive experience you'll have with Mall City Containers. You can be sure you'll get the service you need.

  • Design

    Whether you're looking for fresh ideas, cost-savings through improved ease of assembly, or simply want to verify sizes prior to production, at Mall City Containers we provide complete design services for our customers.

    The Importance of Good Design. The look, feel, and usability of your package all begins with design, and the quality of these areas will play a large role in the success of your product. Here's how Mall City Containers’ design capabilities can help: 

  • POP!

    The look of your package involves more than the print, it's the shape and structure of the box itself. Could your package be smaller? Could the contents be more accessible to the consumer? If your package involves various contents, are they laid out effectively? Is your Point-of-Purchase display creative and accessible? Does the layout of the container work well with the graphics? These are all considerations your salesman and design team will consider as they create a package that stands out and attracts your customers.

  • Protection

    One of the primary concerns of your packaging is that it must protect your product. We analyze multiple factors to ensure your packaging will get your products where they need to go safely, including board grade, box style, and design. Our designers have years of experience in creating specialty inserts and partitions that keep contents in their proper place. We also build structural integrity into each container to withstand its unique shipping and storage environment.

  • Cost

    Excellent package design can play a major role in keeping your costs down. Is the package too large or "overbuilt" for your product? Is there a simpler, more effective design? Can products be combined (or split) to create cost-savings? Our sales and design team will explore options with you to create more cost effective designs.



Mall City Containers owns its own fleet of trucks and trailers running multiple routes every day, typically delivering within a 150 mile radius of Kalamazoo, with occasional drop-offs at more distant locations. Our professional drivers will deliver your products as requested. Our on-time delivery record is one we are very proud of – consistently averaging over 98% on time delivery week after week!


As one of our commitments to our customers, we have a Line-Ready department that services customers needing ready-to-go packaging. On a daily basis, often for large automotive industry customers, we assemble and ship large packaging with set-up interior that will be immediately ready for product upon arrival at the customer's site. This is a great labor saving option for just-in-time requirements.


Let Mall City Containers handle not only the packaging, but the pre-assembly, packing and shipping of products. We have a department that pre-assembles partitions, diecuts, special gluing, and a variety of other tasks that save labor at your facility. We also have multiple customers that take advantage of our fulfillment service by shipping their products directly to our plant where we will repackage the product in finished packaging or in displays. We then drop ship directly to their customers or to a distribution center for eliminating touches to get their product where it needs to be quickly. Just another option that lets our customers put less energy into packaging and more into their product.